Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mobile people

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Present , mobile phones have gained popularity, almost everybody has a cell phone, and some people even have a few mobile phones, mobile phone features are also more and more, even for a moment that some people can not do without cell phones, one saw him, not on a cell phone to play games , that is something all right to find someone to chat with a hotchpotch of places, and people say a bunch of nonsense , and sometimes the distance between the eye can see , is to use the phone contact , if that is a phone person , and one minute away from the phone seems not open , inseparable , phone is not immediate , it would somehow panic Rusangkaobi , such a person , who may be called mobile phone .
A rural middle school students to enter the temple, close to the exam, but pestering parents to buy a mobile phone that is easy to learn to find information , one heard that the learning needs of parents not the effect, tighten the pocket , flew to sell a mobile phone , continued fee , the students highly valued, at first , it really look up information on the Internet using a mobile phone , a few days later , the novelty wears off , like other students hooked on online games, out of control, addicted unable to extricate themselves , and once even playing to the extent of the burn phone cards , school secretly play, sleep is also hiding in the yard to play, no matter where you saw him it was like holding a cell phone to play games, blurred eyes once , put on his spectacles , learning plummeted, " are mobile blame" , the parents gave away .
There is a civil servant, doing nothing to work on weekdays , from nine to five every day , life was very dull , nothing hobby , but fell in love with online chat, microblogging , games , Internet , pets , stealing food , or is online shopping, chopping price , bargain, signing, store delivery , keep track of online shopping thing to any place, receive something later, back to the store , evaluate, completely into a cell phone people have a cell phone ring, even if it is boring spam messages will flew open look , things are mostly bought online can buy that kind of popular and dependable , cheap , not much money , 24 hours a day, sleep at night , cell phones are placed beneath the pillow , afraid to miss even a junk SMS , fear others call not find him. In fact , as an ordinary person , no job right , not the officials , the bulk of the people one , how can there be so many people middle of the night to find you, even if some people find, but also to say a bunch of irrelevant nonsense , like life in general for mobile phones .
Phone is a daily use, but this is not even for a moment from the daily necessities.

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