Sunday, November 17, 2013

Common Applications of EMI Shielding

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EMI shielding is a critical component of many appliances that the average individual uses daily. However, it's rarely obvious that something is shielded against electromagnetic interference, and this can make it difficult to convey just how important it is. Many making investments on behalf of their business are unaware of how vital EMI shielding can be to the continued operation of any given piece of equipment, and this has led many to fail to invest in it. This often leads to problems down the line when foreign signals interfere with their instruments and equipment.

To give perspective to naysayers, the following are some of the most common applications of electromagnetic shielding that work invisibly in daily life.

Shielded cables are perhaps the most pervasive form of electromagnetic interference protection. A shielded cable is nothing more than a wire or conduit for many wires that contains shielding against electromagnetic interference. They are common in telecommunications and entertainment. Without a shielded cable, a phone line is vulnerable to passive monitoring, and signals can be disrupted by other signals in the area if the cable is forced to act like an antenna. A shielded cable makes for clearer, more private calls.

The grids found on microwave windows are the easiest use of EMI shielding to see. These grids filter microwave radiation but not visible light. This keeps the microwaves in the cooking area of the appliance where they belong while still allowing the user to see the food as it cooks. Without this simple form of shielding, the microwave wouldn't work without projecting dangerous radiation back out into the kitchen. This is naturally something the average individual would like to avoid whenever possible. This is also a compelling argument because it demonstrates how shielding actually works; the grid is sized just-so to filter only the appropriate wavelengths, while allowing radiation of shorter wavelengths through.

Some of the most crucial uses of RF shielding are found in the healthcare industry. Shielding electronics that are used for life-sustaining machines is an absolute necessity. This goes double for any hospital systems that rely on a wireless connection; interference from any local sources of radiation such as radio signals is simply not something to risk.

It can be difficult for some decision makers to grasp the importance of electromagnetic shielding when the benefits are invisible. However, a little look around at the appliances and equipment they utilize every day is often enough to convince them. For those that need their employers and leaders to understand the importance of something this basic, this is often convincing enough. It is recommended that you should buy product form the reputed company that has long market presence.

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