Friday, October 11, 2013

Get Great Indoor Air Quality with Today\'s Advanced Air Purifiers

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According to the EPA and other authorities, the indoor air of a home is often more polluted than the outdoor air. Common pollutants include smoke, pet dander and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from household products, such as upholstered furniture, flooring glue and daily house cleaning products. Having high levels of pollutants in the home can often cause upper respiratory problems, result in allergies and even result in cancer. Indoor pollutants are especially hard on young children and seniors. They can even exacerbate existing health conditions. air purifiers are the ideal solution to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Today, many air purifiers are engineered with advanced technology to help reduce indoor contaminants in the air. Some are even equipped with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) technology. Many of them have the capability to capture up to 99 percent of even the tiniest micron particles, including mold spores, dust mites, pollen grains and pet dander particles. They are whisper quiet, and you don't even know that they are in the home. Modern air purifiers have easy-to-use remote controls and have digital display systems that can display the number of days left of filter life, air purifier speed and give instant feedback on the air quality in a room. Second-hand smoke is extremely dangerous and is often a problem in commercial spaces. Air purifiers with smoke stop filters are extremely efficient in sucking up any smoke that might be lingering in the air. These types of air purifiers are ideal for business building. They can easily be installed in all of the common areas. With air purifiers, you also get fresh smelling air. They are excellent for removing unpleasant odors or smells due to heavy cooking. When you use air purifiers, there's no need to spray unhealthy air fresheners into air. Everyone can breathe easy! With Blue Air Air Purifiers, you can surround yourself with air that is free from impurities. The Blue Air Air Purifiers are three times more efficient than the standard HEPA filter. Along with zero ozone emission, these air purifiers virtually eliminate airborne particles like smoke, mold, pollen and dust. The Blue Air Air Purifiers comes in a wide range of models. The Blue Air Purifier Model 650ES features a two-stage HEPASilent technology and captures 99.97 percent of tiny micron particles. It is also fitted with a smoke stop filter comprised of active carbon to remove gaseous toxins from VOCs, cigarette smoke and traffic fumes. Get digital displays indicating air quality levels, particle detection and times to change the filter. This in-room air cleaner is totally state-of-the-art. Investing in quality air purifiers is an investment in your health and your family's health. With all scientific studies and medical reports on poor indoor air quality, you can take effective steps for helping maintain the good health of your household with air purifiers. With hectic work schedules, raising families and just a busy lifestyle altogether, the last thing that you need is to worry about the indoor air quality of your home.

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