Monday, October 7, 2013

Discussion Forums and Topics for Computer Programmers and Coders

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Computer literacy is becoming more important than ever as the world is transitioning into a society where more things are being carried out in a digital format. This includes daily routines like looking up information, communicating with family and friends, paying the bills and making purchases. Of course, the average person has a basic knowledge of how to surf the Web and send an email but otherwise know next to nothing about basic programming. For most, this is no big deal but for those looking to create a website, it may help to understand the principles of programming and coding. Before attempting to create a program on your own, you must familiarize yourself with the different levels of programming languages. At the most basic level, computers operate on a machine level language which composes of bits and bytes. This comes in the form of binary digits 0 and 1. The next levels comprise of the assembly level and high level language. These levels are formatted in a way that is easier for humans to understand. There are also languages dubbed as fourth generation and are designed for those with minimal programming skills. These come with high level languages like Java and MySQL already in the system. Those who are interested in learning a thing or two about programming or learning new programming skills and code snippets can look up the RSP forum. Discussion forums are a great way to keep tabs on the latest software programs and get tips and advice if you are having trouble with a specific programming task. You may also be able to find links to tutorials and useful PHP scripts. Even non-programmers can visit the site to look for links and referrals to programming agencies for professional service. Sites like RSP also contain helpful hints for those interested in testing their site to improve its security. It is not unusual for more experienced programmers to attempt to hack into their own sites in order to look for vulnerable points. Some may also hire certified ethical hackers to penetrate their site's security system. This is all done in good faith for the purpose of enhancing security by identifying weak points that a real hacker may exploit. This is especially important for site owners who use their site for ecommerce and need to maintain a database of sensitive information like client passwords and credit card numbers. If you own a site, obviously, you want to look for ways to improve its operation and security for both yourself and visitors. Even though most web hosting services implement programs that make site creation possible without the need to understand basic coding, some level of programming may be helpful especially if you are aiming for a very specific look, feel or function. If you already have some coding skills, then you may be able to perform the task yourself with a little guidance from a discussion forum. Such sites include members who understand coding like the back of their hand and would be more than happy to share their knowledge.

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