Friday, September 27, 2013

Why Buy a Three Wheel Handicap Scooter Instead of a 4 Wheel Scooter?

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When someone starts looking for a mobility scooter, they should try to find a scooter that caters to their lifestyle. However the person may find that there are more four wheel handicap scooters available today compared to 3 wheel mobility scooters, the consumer must not let this factor into their decision. The truth is, many buyers like the 3 wheel mobility scooter because they have features that the 4 wheel mobility scooters do not offer. The three wheel mobility scooters have many features over the 4 wheel mobility scooters, and here's some of the common ones.

Designed to Make Sharp Corners

As a result of the advances in modern technology, the 3 wheel mobility scooter is superior when making sharp turns. Considering that the 3 wheel mobility scooter has a single wheel at the front, sharp turns are really easy to make. Most drivers will attest to steering their vehicle with practically no effort. Thereby, making it simple to navigate around tight places. This fact isn't true for 4 wheeled mobility scooters because sharp turns are typically hard to make. Consequently, those who have the larger scooters may become very frustrated because they must drive backwards and forwards to maneuver their way through tight spots. Sometimes, the operator may have to take a different route to access a specific place.

More Freedom Indoors and Outdoors

Among the main reasons for choosing an electric operated vehicle is having your freedom to move around easily rather than being confined to a specific place. Therefore, those who enjoy their freedom are looking for the best a power operated vehicle that will allow them to go where they want to go in their home and also outside. It doesn't matter if the person really wants to go to the corner store or to visit their neighbor down the street, the freedom to go places without help is essential to many people. This can be one of many reasons people choose the 3 wheeled scooter over the 4 wheel scooter. This scooter is great for traveling on side walks and paved roads.

Lightweight and Simple To Move From One Destination to Another

Some individuals just enjoy being on the go and so they may need their mobility scooter after they reach their location. Since 3 wheel mobility scooters are very transportable, the owners can easily transport them. This is an important feature for these people because no one wants to be concerned about having to move heavy equipment.

While there are numerous benefits to 3 wheel mobility scooters, there are a couple of drawbacks at the same time. Some of the most common and easy to see issues include less stability (generally) than four wheel power scooters especially on uneven terrain and less durability as compared to the 4 wheel mobility scooters. Therefore, it is crucial for each and every 3 wheel mobility scooter purchaser to weigh both the upsides and downsides before making a selection. Your decision should be depending on your needs in addition to your lifestyle.

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