Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Custom curtains and Bedding Ideas

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When it comes to interior decoration, a lot of factors come into consideration. You have the building specifications, other decor and upholstery to think about. Usually these calls for creative solutions and you will not find them in ready made products. This is why custom curtains and drapes are the way to go. They allow you get the right window treatments in terms of size, color and fabric. You also have the satisfaction of knowing you are getting the desired result and can practice with a wide range of options.


Having chosen to go with custom drapes there are some general ideas on the approach you should take. For a start, you should consider the functionality of the upholstery. This dictates the kind of options you have. Functionality here refers to what you want the custom drapes to serve. This could be a choice on whether to let light in or to keep it out, to be decorative or bring formality in the room amongst others. This will help you decide on whether you will have lining or not and the kind of textures and material you will be selecting for your custom curtains.


When it comes to the fabric texture, you should consider the mood you want to achieve in the room. For formality you can always settle on custom blinds made of heavy silk or velvet. This might be tasking however, in terms of maintenance as it requires dry cleaning only. You could also opt for cotton satin and silk and rayon blends. For casual look there is linen or you could go for cotton and any of its blends for all these moods. You also have wool to pick on. Wool and cotton have a neat crisp finish and are both fabrics for all seasons.


The custom drapes color will depend on whether you want it to blend with the color of other decor or to contrast. In case of the former then opt for drapes with a tone similar to the wall but a bit darker or any other quiet color in the room. As for patterns and prints, if the custom bedding has patterns then the curtain should have a solid color and the opposite also applies. Versatility is also a factor when considering custom bedding and window treatments. It is advisable to get fabrics and options that will allow you to interchange during seasons and when seeking new looks without having to buy a lot.


Having a professional custom interior expert will help you a lot in your designs. Atlanta custom interiors professionals offer a number of benefits. You get to have a number of informed recommendations especially when you are not sure which way to go. Atlanta custom interiors also help you save money and time since you will only buy what you need and accomplish your task more quickly. You have the option of working with them or you can give them your expectations and wishes and watch them do it for you.


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