Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winning Lucrative Government Tenders

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There are many companies that use government tenders to move their business to the next level. It looks very good on the resume of a company when they say that they have successfully handled a project for the government. This enables them to win new clients and enhances their status in the market. Bagging one of these lucrative contracts also helps them increase their revenue base from which they can launch fresh initiatives. But one of the problems facing people who are applying to public tenders for the first time is that they often do not know what the committee is looking for. Some of them are unaware of what the right price is and what terms and conditions they should include in their bid that would benefit them as well as the state administration. It normally takes a company a few bids before they finally get it right. One of the things that the bidder should do is to make sure that all his documentation is in order. It is essential to tell the committee how the company works and what they can offer the project. Since the online system is so transparent, it is easy to get the expertise to win projects.

Those who are new to this business of getting contracts from the state administration would naturally want to know where they can get information on all the latest government tenders in India. This information is traditionally found in all the leading local and national newspapers in the country. However, this is the age of the information superhighway and anything that is available in newspapers can also be found on the Internet. In fact, it is probably better to refer to the Internet since some government agencies might put this information on their website first before publishing it in a newspaper. Some agencies will also have all the forms on their website, which the bidder simply has to download. There are websites that allow the bidder to bid for the project online. Using the Internet has also brought about greater transparency to the entire process as well as helping to make the whole procedure go a lot faster. It is little wonder then that online tenders are so popular.

There are some good sites that handle information related to etenders in India. They are neatly categorized into various sections. For instance, there is one list that splits all the projects as per the state that they are based in. Then there is another list the separates the projects as per the industry they are a part of. For instance, one can find projects related to the IT industry under one section, projects related to the medical industry under another section and so on. Therefore, if one wants a listing of all the construction tenders in India then they simply need to go to that section and browse through all the listings under that section. Thanks to all these facilities many companies have been able to bid for projects comfortably and easily.

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