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The need for certification authentication for the documents to be used in UAE

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Certificate authentication or attestation is needed when any Indian resident is planning to go to a foreign country for job, business or higher studies. If the country where the person is going to use the documents is a non-member of Hague Convention then the documents need Legalization done by the respective country Embassy and if the country where the documents have to be used is the member of the Hague convention then only Apostille will do.

What about documents to be used in UAE

UAE is a non-member of the Hague convention. All the documents that a person is going to use in UAE need legalization and apostille will not do.  Since 5 years, the certification attestation done from HRD Delhi office has been closed and now the work has been distributed to the Home department of each of the states.

The two types of certificates that need attestation from India are of two types- educational certificates and non-educational certificates. To have the educational certification authentication, one can opt for different ways. The processes have chain of activities. The UAE authorities focus on the attestation or authentication done by the MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) locally (at Dubai, Sharjah , Abu Dhabi) but to have this done other attestation are needed.   

The various types of certificate authentication/attestations
1. Education al certificates
Type A attestations-
Notary ( Maharashtra)
Home Department(Maharashtra)
MEA(New Delhi)
UAE Embassy(  New Delhi)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs(locally from UAE)
Type B attestations -
Home Department of the concerned state
Ministry of External affairs(New Delhi)
UAE Embassy(New Delhi)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs(from UAE locally)

Type C attestations-
Notary(respective state)
Home department(respective state)
UAE consulate(Maharashtra)
Ministry of Foreign affairs(locally from UAE)

2. Non-educational Certificate authentication
There are various ways to get them attested from India. These can be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs locally but to get that other attestation needed are    -

Type A attestations-
Notary (Maharashtra)
Home Department(Maharashtra)
Ministry of External Affairs(New Delhi)
UAE Embassy(New Delhi)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs(in the respective country)
Type B attestations-
Notary (respective state)
Home department (respective state)
UAE consulate(Maharashtra)
Ministry of Foreign affairs(locally from UAE)

The process and duration of attestation may vary as per the rules and regulations getting changed in India.

The reasons for getting the certificate authentication

The educational certificates need attestation to get an employment visa or labor card in UAE for most of the designation, to continue with higher studies in a foreign country, to take the exams conducted by Ministry of Health and Dept. of Health by the doctors, nurses, lab technicians and pharmacists, and to get any equivalent certificate. The purpose of non-educational certificate authentication is to get residence visa for spouse, children, in-laws, getting the child admitted to the school, for power of attorney, to get the right to sell properties in India, for having attestation of experience certificates, and to remove the LLC partnership in case the partner in India is not willing to go ahead with it.

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