Monday, August 19, 2013

The Importance of Using a Propane Buffer

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Over long periods of time pedestrian traffic in an environment will become more obvious in scuffs and stains and the floor will begin to lose its luster. In many of these environments, floors are made to make the environment look better. Floor maintenance has been able to solve this problem with all environments using a traditional propane buffer. Janitorial services or contracted cleaning businesses will have these buffers assigned to them through their service or the location where the buffering will take place.

In the early 1970's, the propane buffer started to give the floor maintenance industry a faster more independent option for floor cleaning. This is not just the standard sweeping and mopping procedure, but a more direct full motion driven process where the floor is buffered similar to shining shoes. With the right combination of solutions, the shine from the floor is much easier to get with these devices. Despite their early beginnings in the market, they are still used to this day and considered very reliable, operating at speeds as low as 1500 rpm and up to 2000 rpm. The supported propane tank sizes are usually from 21' up to 27' and are installed at the top of the buffer.

There are various makers of the propane buffer with different designs but the standardization of the propane tank itself, allows the buffer to support most tank sizes no matter what brand it is. This means that there are no cables to mess with during operation, and the ability to apply extra pressure is possible. The designs also allow the user to get the device to more hard to reach areas and bring the shine up to the surface. Some of these models will allow the operator to disperse the appropriate solution to the floor instead of having to apply it manually. It helps to save more time on the floor maintenance.

These products are generally used in industrial environments, schools, or hospitals when there are very few people around. These are made to be heavy duty and are large but are still operated by hand. A license is not required to operate this device. Anyone is able to use it, and it has safety measure put into place that prevents any problems from the tank.

The polish and the sheen that is brought out improving the look of a floor can really speak volumes about its surrounding environment and help build a health reputation from the start. This will improve business relations and impress guests upon entering. A well maintained floor will also extend the life of the finish and minimize repair cycles.

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