Monday, August 26, 2013

Parallel Infrastructure: Services that fit the business requirements

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Telecom industry is booming in the market since past few years and is striving to strengthen its position. For standing out of the several competitors in the market it is very essential to provide high quality service and network which is reachable everywhere. The service providers require proper locations for installing the towers for ensuring expansion of their network. Parallel Infrastructure provides leasing solutions to such telecom companies and is serving the industry since several years. The right of way services offered by Parallel Infrastructure include real estate leases for growing the opportunities for expansion of business.

The land offered on lease to the business can be used by the organizations for employee parking, storage or material, advertising, billboards, custom landscaping and other business operations. We offer immediate access to the land for the convenience of the client without any commitment for longer term. We offer streamline utility crossing and directly work with the ROW owner to run your cables, wire and fibers across the crossings.

Our right of way land services offered are prompt and provide quick access to the telecom companies that are looking for cell tower development. We are equipped with telecom experts who will assist the clients in selection of site location and other aspects related to it. We also provide concierge guidance for designing, maintenance, financing, construction and operation of the cell towers. Our right of way experts have extensive experience in the relevant field and have vast knowledge and capital that is required for implementing an effective telecom infrastructure.

Coverage is the key element for any wireless telecom service provider that needs proper infrastructure development. The right of way experts suggest and assist in choosing right fiber optic location for capitalization, construction and management of telecom towers. We are backed by sufficient capital and vast knowledge and offer areas which are perfect for the targeted coverage. We have a track record of clients who are satisfied with our services that are tailored to fit your current and future requirements of business. We provide an opportunity to the companies to focus fully on the business to achieve the targeted goals. We believe in establishing long term relationships with the customers and also provide land asset management services to the organization as well as government entities. You may browse our website to explore the valuable services offered by our right of way experts and provide us an opportunity to serve you.

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