Monday, August 26, 2013

Parallel Infrastructure: Assist in generating greater ROI

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With the advent of wireless technology, the telecom companies are striving to sustain in the market by providing high quality services. Good service is the basic requirement for these companies but good coverage for broadband and mobile is the key element. They need land for installing the cell towers for ensuring improved network offered to the users. Purchasing a land especially for this purpose would be very expensive for the cellular companies. They may therefore choose to obtain a land on lease by hiring right of way land services from such landlords or property owners who offer land on lease to the entrepreneurs. It is a cost effective option for the company which relieves it from the hassles of searching for land and follow complex legal procedures to acquire it. Choosing a real estate agent who is having a vast collection of land is a convenient alternative that provides an opportunity to the company to focus on its business.

Parallel Infrastructure provides right of way services to the companies and assists them in selection of properties which cater with their requirements. Our land is perfect for establishing cell towers for better network capacity and coverage. Our staff is comprised of right of way experts who assist the clients in selection of property which is feasible for the telecom purpose. Our services assist the clients in minimizing the operational cost and saving time that is consumed in searching for leasing solutions. We have a long list of clients that are satisfied by our valuable services that are tailor made to suit the existing and future business requirements. We provide opportunities for earning revenue by offering space for billboards and parking for employees.

We offer liaising services and closely work as an intermediary between the organization and the ROW and strive to crack the best deal for the clients. We provide immediate access to the property to grow the operations of the business. We also provide space for material storage which is a cost effective alternative to maintenance of separate warehouse. You may consider our streamline utility crossing that forms part of our right of way services that are needed for running your cables, wires and fibers.

We are backed with huge staff and capital which is required to cater with the needs of the telecom companies. Our right of way land services also include asset management and convert unused property in generating ROI. We assist you in strengthening the position in the industry ensuring that you remain forefront among the competitors.

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