Monday, July 1, 2013

What is reseller web hosting and what are the benefits of using it?

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If you are a new website owner who is looking for easy ways to reach the top position in search engines, you are in the right place. It is not that easy to get a good page ranking in Google or any other search engines. Firstly, you need to optimize the website using SEO tools. Further you should advertise about the existence of your website through many ways. Once you start getting traffic you should take steps to maintain good navigation and add easy options for your customers for making payment. Only then you will be getting more number of online users to reach the target sales. Web hosting is one platform that allows you to enjoy and own a dedicated server for carrying out all your online activities. You will get an independent server for internet access from the service provider for which he would charge you fixed monthly rate according to the plan and usage. Managed web hosting is one in which the technical features are to be controlled by the user and the provider will not bother anymore about it. But in dedicated web hosting server the provider agency will attend to every technical problem faced by the user through round the clock support team. If you want to save more money but still enjoy an independent server then you have the option of reseller web hosting plan. You can find reliable resellers in your area that are hosting dedicated servers. By gaining access to that account, you are eligible for reselling the server for earning profit. You can have one large account and further you are entitled to resell unlimited domains and web space to many customers. Thus you can start your own hosting business for getting additional income. It is possible to allocate different set of bandwidth for your clients so that the available web space is shared equally. All you have to do is to choose any of the Linux reseller providers in UK and create an account. Find out if the provider offers packages with the familiar platforms of OS like Windows or Linux. Make sure that he offers a dedicated server connection independently for you along with 24x7 technical support. Once you make an account with them, you can sell unlimited domains to many customers since you are the primary host now. It would be easy for you to create many of the web packages with the existing space and resell it for many clients to make potential income. Your server will then become the primary web hosting server and any kind of technical problems will be managed by the support staff of the provider. Thus it is an easy way of earning profit apart from selling your own products online. You can simply set the rates and start working as reseller web hosting server under your brand name. But you need to find out reputed dedicated webhosting UK provider in your area to start and manage this business. Start getting potential income by working as Linux reseller or reseller web hosting provider.

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