Friday, July 26, 2013

Securing Your Private Data on Cloud

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Amid many advantages of cloud computing, data security has always been the biggest concern among users. The most pragmatic truth is that there is no sure shot solution to secure your cloud data but safeguarding your data through some best practices can procure you secure cloud services incessantly. Here are some very doable suggestions to keep your private data safe:

Keep Pace with Latest Security Developments

As the cloud world keep evolving constantly, it may be more open to new possible security threats. It is imperative to keep your security timely upgraded. Apply the recent patches resolutely.

Adding File Cache Capacity

Apart from cloud backup, you should also plan for local backup software to store important data locally. Cloud is a great service to support online file share but in case the network fails, the entire organization can stand still, back up on local medium can serve the purpose to get the business going frictionless even if the folder synchronization is not up to date. Furthermore, local backup can also come handy to encounter security breach.

Be Accountable

You cannot solely rely on your cloud service provider for security. More than the service provider, you yourself can manage what and how you share or store on cloud.

Know About the Services or Programs You Use

By knowing the programs and services that you use can keep you in better track of your data that you may lose in case of a security breach. If you are not completely aware of what information is available, you can be an easy victim.

Deal With Sensitive Data Sensitively

Cloud can easily share large files but if your organization deals with highly sensitive data, it is better to use much secure and private in house system. It is also important to notice here that cloud uses a remote file server to share information of multiple users at one place and your sensitive data may unknowingly be accessed by other users.

Be Up To Date with Any Policy Change

Be in constant touch with your cloud service provider to keep yourself updated with all the recent updates and policy changes pertaining to online backup and file share to have secure data sharing through cloud.

Look For Advanced Encryption Standard

Encrypting the data on cloud is the best security standard available. Make sure that your cloud services provider offers advanced encryption standards to secure your data efficiently.

By adapting all these best practices while using cloud services, you can persuasively keep your private information safe

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