Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Role of Quality Web Development in Countering Google Updates

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Search engine optimization is often found at large in case of websites dismal performance in wake of updates by Google or other major search engines. However, experts believe that poor web development and web design is equally at fault.

A website that represents a business or runs a business over its interface depends on the search engine ranking to garner traffic for its business. The search engine ranking again is dependent on the way it is promoted over a major search engine and other factors such as content value of the website and its usability. Time and again it has been noted that websites falter to perform or loses their much coveted rankings in the wake of any update from the major search engines.

The onus of such fall after any update is either directed towards poor search engine optimization techniques or the dismally poor content value of the website. The nexus and the back-links to the website are also in the scrutiny zone. People make hay-way efforts to resurrect their website but to no avail. The reason could be many, but what is generally missed is the fact that a website is not all about SEO or content. It is also about quality web design and web development. If a website is developed on Kentico, it cannot be great for ecommerce.

Similarly, there could be lot many faults related to web development, making it important for the website owners to pay equal importance to development and design part of the website ensuring their websites do not falter in wake of algorithmic updates. Major search engines have long emphasized on the importance of usability of the web pages. Information rendered over the pages is important but that does not make navigation and usability any less important.

In tandem with the aforementioned assertions, it becomes important that a web development company should take more responsibility. They should just not develop a website, but customize it for the changing requirements ensuring undiminished usability and navigation. The overall user experience should be enticing and a cheap Web Development Company requires considering this fact at the time of developing the site.

A Cheap web development company could not remain ignorant of its responsibilities. Generally quality development companies keep in consideration all of the aforementioned factors and ensure that the deliverable developed by them is not just as per requirement of the client but is also futuristic. Such companies focus on client education and make them aware of the possible changes that are necessary in their dream projects.

Approach as such proves fruitful both for the companies and the website owners. The companies build on their clientele and the much needed trust quotient and the owners of the websites get a platform that is ready to take on the challenges posed in form of algorithmic changes from major search engines. In addition, the usability and the look and feel of the website wins the attention of the users and is able to convert them into potential customers; thereby adding on the business value of the website.


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