Friday, July 12, 2013

Know why tax free duty free cigarettes is not the best

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When a consumer hears the word tax free and duty free they understand that the price of the good that they are buying is going to be reduced which is actually more than enough for them. Duty free is usually sold to the customers from some foreign place such that they do not have to pay the charges of import from foreign countries which might be their own one only. This raises the amount bought by them and also facilitates their savings. Online customers also get this opportunity and thus duty free are done to raise the sales amongst the foreigners rather than the people of the nation. A foreigner can avail for these products in the places that usually have huge proportions of this kind of customers. Tax free implies that one need not pay some of the taxes and this also lowers the price of the good among the consumers buying it. Thus by tax free duty free cigarettes we mean the cigarettes that have a comparatively low cost or price than the normal cigarettes and these are not the poor quality ones even but are mainly the branded ones.

You get not only duty free cigarettes but also tobacco shop online that sells to you cheap tobacco which is rare sight in the local markets. It is often said that by buying these the savings are raised but believing in the statement can also lead to your loss at times. Thus it is very important to make a thorough check of the price in the local markets before buying it from the international airports and its similar places. If the price differential is not much then it is best for you to buy from the local shops only that will give you on the product a certain percent of discount. The price is the same one that you might get after duty is exempted from the goods. The major disadvantage of buying through these shops that offer duty free goods is that the delivery is never instantaneous in nature and you have to wait for a pretty long time before the delivery of the final goods.

This is very troublesome if you want the good urgently. Another disadvantage is that the low cost of these goods often affect the business of the local shopkeepers which in turn lowers the gross domestic product of the nation along with a decrease in the revenue of the government. This revenue is very essential for the on the whole growth of the nation thus it should not be exempted. Let us now return back to the same discussion on tax free and duty free goods. It can be clearly seen that with the combination of these two you can benefit only if you are not a citizen of that country. Even if you buy goods above the custom limit imposed by your nation then you have to pay a surcharge which may raise the price by a pretty good margin for you which is often seen in case of buying cheap perfumes online.

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