Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting Correct Slip and Fall Accident Settlements in New York

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Slip and fall accidents are extremely common occurrences in day to day life and some of them may result in serious and lasting injury. All around us there are large numbers of unlit stairways, uneven sidewalks , wet floors, and defective and wrongly built structures that may collapse and cause a person grievous and enduring injury. These accident victims have a legal protection against such Slip and Fall accidents under the legal framework of the New York City judiciary and may get justice and claim a settlement or compensation from the guilty parties. However, getting the correct slip and fall accident settlements in New York may not be easy as the general victim has little to no knowledge regarding the complex laws. For this reason to get a rightful Slip and Fall accident settlement in New York the first thing the victim needs to do is to engage a Slip and Fall accident attorney in New York.

The attorney should be chosen considering several important parameters. The specialization of the attorney in the particular field, experience in handling past cases and the amount of settlements successfully won by the attorney while handling similar cases are some of the parameters to go by.

The first thing that the attorney does is to conduct an investigation into the accident in cooperation with civic forces if the need be. This helps determine the extent of the fault of the alleged guilty party in causing the slip and fall accident and in determining that the victim in no way could have anticipated in advance his slip and fall accident.

The investigation carried out by the slip and fall accident attorney also correctly determines the party directly responsible for the slip and fall accident so that legal action can proceed. The next step of the process is to ascertain the amount of settlement to be claimed by the victim. This is done keeping in mind the seriousness of the accident and the extent of physical and material damage sustained by the slip and fall accident victim. Once a figure is reached the attorney may try to settle the case out of court to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved or go to the judicial system for redress.

The winning or losing a slip and fall accident settlement in New York greatly depends on the skill and investigative ability of the slip and fall accident attorney. For these reasons selecting the correct attorney is fairly important for slip and fall accident victims of New York.

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