Friday, July 19, 2013

Gets a Grip of Advanced Image Masking Technique

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When it comes to image masking there are various methods and tools in Photoshop. The pen tool is one of the best when it comes to masking. When this technique is required some amount of clipping around the photograph will also be required. The clipping is done to isolate the subject form the undesired background. If the background is white then it is little tricky but nevertheless the skill of the editor is tested with the pen tool. While the lasso tool can zero basic elements, the better edges can be got only with the pen tool. This works best when the editor needs to clip out the products when they are shot against solid backgrounds. Even subjects that lack contract with respect to the background can be masked. The next step is to master the layer masking that defines the expertise of any editor. This is another remarkable tool that is better than the eraser. An eraser can remove things but cannot bring them back. Hence it can prove to be a setback. But the layer mask can be conveniently removed and replaced if the preview is bad.

The perfect layer mask is done with the help of marquee selections and several kinds of brushes to make the mask perfect. The channel mask is also another way to improve on the image masking technique for any editor. It is the ideal way to highlight the contrasts in a picture. It works best in case of human models rather than products. It can easily select the clothes or even hair to be cleared out. When the layering is understood and learnt well it is time to indulge in advancing the technique. The layer masks are done with the brush tool, which manages the correction in several ways. Depending on the complexity of the picture the brushes are used. And when the subject is added to a new background then the masking layer need to be perfect. Advanced techniques will also require the current methods of selection. A complex range of masks can be made with the color palette.  The advanced system is present in Photoshop CS4 and is more sophisticated in comparison to the magic wand. The eyedropper can help the editor to select the sample color ranges to match the new background and subject. The fuzziness slider also helps to get the setting right. It should be used in the lowest tones to get the right preview. Fuzziness is used to refine the selection. 

Many clients from ad agencies or from the print media, design companies or brochure makers will require some sort of fancy design or artwork. When doing this editor will inevitably feel like using the magic wand or the quick mask tools. But they are best left for simpler jobs. He should be able to use basic and advanced image masking technique for best results. Being able to select masks and creating them also show off his skills to use better non-destructive image masking technique amicably.

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