Friday, July 5, 2013

Fine-tuning the Spotlight for Delicate Photo Retouching with Layers

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A client may ask for special effects to the photos. But do all the photos require special effects. An editor will prefer to address a few sections of the photo frame rather than disturb the over all setting and herein lies his skills and previous experience doing such jobs. Photo retouching can be a simple task or a complex one depending on the brief, needs of the visuals and amount of effect it needs to communicate a message. Even a new effect that is added should be able to blend in the frame rather than stand out. This is the key to adjusting or fine-tuning the spotlight for any delicate photo retouching. Some of the best methods involve creating simple layers that will be able to float on the areas that need to be adjusted. To select the areas for effects clipping path is traced around the object/s. The need for tracing is important as it will create the sharp edges and make it look uniform with the design. A contrast can be created and a shadow added to make it look natural.


An editor starts the work by working on the mid-tones of the area under edit. He will enhance the contrast. The software program being used will have all the tools to execute these details.  An advanced infrastructure and software program will allow the blending of the special created layers inside with the original objects.  The blending will occur on the entire frame in the same manner. The layers provide the transparency to ensure that the picture elements eventually blend with the retouching. The color is not lost when specific areas are fine-tuned. The software program has gradient levels that can be adjusted according to the new color tones that have been created by the addition of layers. This job can be tricky if there are varied levels of colors.


For example a sunrise picture that has been clicked at the break of dawn has vibrant colors. Adding delicate layers is a complex job as the spotlight features on maintaining the tones of the original. In such a case it is best to make a modification to the entire background rather than focusing the spotlight on the selected objects. It will be better to do a photo retouch to the entire frame in such a case. How can this be done? Simply create warm tonal quality with the color correction. Because, at dawn the colors are warm and yet to become rich and piercing like the yellowness of the sun as it rises. Here the color choice can be orange as it complements the rising sun. The gradient adjustments can be done with the eyedropper tool. If the sunrise is reflecting the water and a droplet is the key object then do not add one single layer. It will bend the light (remember the prism theory?) While gradients can be used for overall tonal modification, a single spotlight will feature in the case of delicate photo retouching with layers. It is a very versatile process designed to help editors to explore their own niche in photo editing.

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