Friday, July 12, 2013

Buy cigarettes online is not the best option

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Now-a-days with the growing use of online market its sales are also increasing and this is specifically because of the low prices which offer to the customers. The customers think that buy cigarettes online is the best thing for them but it is not always so for them as they in this regard ignore that what are the external costs of buying such cheap cigarettes in such big quantities. Another thing which is often thought by the consumers is that what profit the sellers earn by selling these in such low prices. The answer is that they do earn huge profits from these goods and also by selling them in ultra cheap prices. For knowing more about these one should give a look to this article which would give a partial picture of sales and manufacturing by these companies.

The first thing that these companies do is to make contacts with some of the leading manufacturers instead of buying from them via the middle men. This lowers the cost of hiring a middle person and also lowers the price. Next thing which they do is that they making certain profit deal with the credit card companies from whom they hire the service of card payment. This gives then the opportunity to give a certain percentage off on the card from which the customers are paying. This also has a linkage effect on the sales of the credit and debit card companies as the sale of their cards also increase on a rapid rate. The next thing that they do after establishing them in the business firmly is that they shift to products that are cheaper but considering that the customers do not have any knowledge about it. The customers think that the products are same but it is not actually. The extra profits are added in the pockets of the sellers. When the government of the nation makes these goods duty free then the sellers sell them in huge proportions at really very low prices to the customers. If the taxes are removed then the slogan of tax free tobacco proves very useful for their sales in the market. In recent times a lowering of the sales was seen due to rise in tobacco for cigarettes price. This was done to suppress demand but it actually never decreased it but actually raised it in huge proportions.

Cosmetic stores online are gaining largely because they are usually free from all these restrictions in terms of sales and tax. They offer a very vast and huge collection of brands that are very well known but it can be difficult to believe in them completely because of it as they also often sell wrong or pirated products at the same price. It is very well known that paying through credit cards could be the cause of hacking also which can actually empty your entire account so it is always better to look out carefully for the name of the company from whom you are buying the products as caution is always better than complete loss.

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