Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Avoid Drop Calls with Cell Phone Signal Booster

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The cell phone signal booster can be categorized under two broad types: in building wireless and mobile. Among all the latest tech accessories, cell phones are one of the most important ones for any individual. One is literally paralyzed without a cell phone in this modern world. The most irritating situation for anyone is when they are on an important call and it gets disconnected. Even the most expensive phones do not ensure zero loss call, as it all depends on the signal strength. This is the reason why cell phone signal booster is of much use these days.

If you are a regular traveler then investing in a phone signal booster is a wise decision. An in building wireless signal booster is very advantageous for installation in office or home. You can get such type of booster for better reception. Although the signal boosters are not cheap, it is worth the cost.

The phone booster comes as a kit which includes the booster, amplifier, and an antenna. Most boosters are wireless which requires minimal installation and one need not connect the antenna and the phone with a cable. The antenna can also be mounted on the car top or the car window. You can enjoy stronger signal with better reception and no call drop.

The in-building boosters also work in the same manner as the mobile boosters. They also provide similar type of wireless solutions as the mobile ones. The installation of in-building boosters is the simplest. All you need to do is place the antenna in an open sky area like roof top of window parchment. The in-building device comes at around a thousand dollars whereas the mobile boosters might cost around five hundred dollars. One must not be disheartened by looking at the price tag because the service that these devices offer is way beyond just satisfaction.

The distributed antenna system or DAS is another wireless system that has become much popular in the business enterprises. In situations where the antenna has to cover wider area, the regular antenna becomes handicapped. This is where the DAS proves to be much beneficial providing uniform distribution of the wireless signals over a larger coverage area for number of users. A physical inspection is carried out by the professionals to get better idea of the requirements regarding coverage issues before installing the DAS service. They also take care of the local regulations regarding the usage of radio frequency energy and thus providing clean distribution system for the customer.

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