Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Amethyst - a gemstone that brings health and love

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Amethyst stone is a variety of quartz. This is quite popular gemstone. Jewellers valued amethyst for its easiness in handling and faceting. The most valuable in the world jewelry's markets amethysts are mined in Mexico. This is an intense purple stone, but the most expensive stone gemologists call amethyst crystals that growing directly out of center and are surrounded by white or clear quartz. In the second place in TOP are amethyst found in Ural mountains, in Russia. There is hardly possible to extract these stones, but they are appreciated very high. Stronger and more valuable amethyst stone becomes when it is transmitted by inheritance, as it is believed that it keeps the spirit of the previous owners, and ancestral jewelry stores keep the spirits and the values ​​of all generations .

Such values ​​of amethyst as love, humility, sincerity, brought into a state of harmony human soul and his relationships with others, in the first place, with a spouse, or loved one. Amethyst gemstone is also called "widow's stone" for the fact that it is worn as a sign of love for the deceased spouse. Amethyst protects against the evil fate and reptiles, increases alertness and insight, reveals the lie in the words of other people. It is the talisman of merchants, bringing them good luck, good deals and protecting their property. Medicinal properties of amethyst are based on its purple color: - it calms, relieves fear and anxiety, banishes evil thoughts, mental pain and excessive, dangerous passion, replacing all these negative energy to positive as good thoughts, humility, love, hope and understanding. Thus, Amethyst cures all that is associated with emotions, allowing you to control them. To increase its healing and magical properties it's possible, you can regularly remove from it the accumulated negative energy.

As a talisman amethyst most of all acts on Saturdays, as an amulet - on Wednesdays. The couple of stone and zodiac as "Aquarius - amethyst" has a lot in common - a calm nature and humility, restraint, hatred, falsehood, intuition, optimism and a desire to help people. Wearing jewelry with amethyst Aquarius zodiac will become more discerning and defend against bad people, it will pacify Aquarius in times of excessive stubbornness. For those who in result of the ills of life and desperate to find a way out, had lost hope, faith in people, to those amethyst gemstone will help restore their spiritual forces and will help start winning in life.

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