Monday, June 24, 2013

Search Engine Optimization and Intelligent Use of Splash Page

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Splash page is often confused with landing pages and unruly use of splash page hamper the prospects of a website. Search engine optimizations and design tools can be intelligently used to make splash pages worthy and useful.

Many a times you must have landed on a web page that asks you to further click a button to enter the website. Such pages also contain a lot of graphic contents and other not so useful stuff. The content over these pages are rather forced creativity and users generally skip the content over these pages and move either to other pages of the website or in worst case scenario they even close the webpage. These obstructive pages are called the splash pages and contain a lot of visual information but are a hindrance both for the users and the search engine crawlers; thereby, are generally not useful and also deter the business prospect of the website. However, intelligent search engine optimization technique coupled with smart design element can make these pages both useful as well as appealing.

Splash pages in general sense should be avoided altogether. But in many cases as per the request of the website owner it is implemented over the website. A splash page by default becomes the main page of the website then it does not offer any valuable information or content as is expected over the main page of any website. In addition, these pages are rich in graphics and images thereby slowing down the load time of the website. Coupled with known demerit of delayed load time the pages are also low on content that could be indexed by the search engine crawlers. This heavily reduces the probability of other pages of the portal to be indexed by the bots. Therefore, it is better to avoid splash pages over the website.

But, in case it is not possible to totally avoid the presence of the splash page then it is required that proper SEO optimization of such page is to be carried out. This will not only enable the website owners to keep their not so important splash pages over the website but will also facilitate the search engine bots to properly crawl the splash page and other pages of the site.

Then, such intelligent optimization requires expertise that is possible only from adept SEO professionals working with a company that offer quality Search Engine Optimisation Services. All the more, such companies also have best designers who can optimize the splash page in such a way that it is least damaging. As per popular trend the designers with consent from the search engine optimization services experts will reduce the size of the graphics and images used on the splash page. It will help in reducing the load time of web page.

Once the load time is brought under control experts of best SEO services will be able to manage other demerits of the splash pages. They can also optimize the content that is to be put under various tags of the splash page and subsequently will be able to reduce the demerits of such a page. To sum up, if it is absolutely essential to use such a page then it is also a necessity to employ best search engine optimization services that will put in intelligent effort to optimize the splash page for enhancing the business value of the website.


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