Saturday, June 8, 2013

Physical Therapy for Arthritis – the Preferred Way!

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Many physicians feel that physical therapy is an effective way of treating arthritis treatment. Physical therapy has helped several patients to bear with pain and disability because of arthritis. Since there is no known cure for arthritis, physicians tend to manage the disease through several treatment methods

. A physical therapist works with different doctors to help patients suffering from arthritis especially by defining goals. The patient should be willing to go through therapy for its success. The physical therapist and the patient need to work with one another to get better of the condition. The state of the patient's joints and their strength and flexibility is considerably affected due to arthritis. His physical endurance also takes a beating. One should have a realistic plan with physical therapy so that the patient can improve his physical functions and get his daily activities done easily and without pain.

Exercise is extremely helpful for arthritic patients. An appropriate exercise plan can go a long way in reducing joint pain and stiffness while enhancing the strength of the muscles and endurance of the joints. One needs to take into consideration the physical limitations before venturing on for an exercise. A physical therapist advises different exercises to each of his patients individually including range-of-motion exercises and aerobic exercises. Joint protection is extremely important for boosting joint mobility and for reducing the risk of deformity. Do not give strain to the joints unnecessarily and strive to improve muscle strength.

Patients should always be aware of body position and never overdo some strenuous activitiesor chances are that your body would become very stiff. One can use assistive devices for lessening the pain and to complete tasks easily. A patient can do much to improve the joints and improve body mechanics. Correct body position is helpful to allay joint and muscle pain and even the risk of injury. Everyone should have ideal postures while they stand, lift, reach, or even when they are sleeping.

Physical therapists advise use of heat or ice to relieve the discomfort related to joint pain. But it depends on the type of arthritis and if the legs are swollen, or inflamed. Some patients prefer heat while some prefer ice for treatment. A physical therapist can advise which is more effective for you. Arthritis causes immense muscle weakness, and less motion. With the restrictions, one might find it difficult to complete simple tasks. Physical therapists and occupational therapists can help patients with different sets of activities along with assistive devices which can help you complete daily chores easily and without pain.

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