Monday, June 3, 2013

Fashion-Forward Feminism - Start the Ladylike Revolution Now

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When it comes to style, we are often presented with two options; girlie or androgynous. However, there is a way to combine the two, so strap on your diamante shoes and get ready to pack a punch.

Toughen Up, Look Sharp

Girlie fashion does not have to mean pearls and layer upon layer of lace. When it comes to being prim and proper, there is a way to combine high heels with edginess and achieve a great look. A way to do this in a manner of seconds is to purchase an old favourite, a new pair of sunglasses. Pick a cat-eyed shape and style with a girly, floral dress and heels to channel a retro vibe. Another way in which to make accessorises intertwine ladylike charm and edginess is to opt for tough shoes and jewellery. This season printed silks are set to be huge, with loose styles dominating the high street. These ladylike, luxurious pieces can be made even more fabulous with the addition of a few accessories.

Adding some chunky black high heels instantly toughens up any outfit and makes the loosest of trousers seem completely sharp and fashion forward. Similarly, jewellery can be used to add a hint of attitude. Keep a look out for studded necklaces and bracelets when out and about; these could be the perfect edition to any wardrobe and update a garment instantly. When it comes to pairing diamante shoes and attitude, anything is possible.

Sheer Genius

Additionally, materials can be used to great effect when it comes to proving that ladylike can be hard-hitting. It may not be the first thing to spring to mind, but sheer materials are perfect for this. If you have the guts, why not pair knee high boots with a sheer skirt? The contrast is daring and defies the thought that prim always means boring. For those of us that do not like to stand out quite so much, bear colours in mind instead. Combining dreamy lilac shades with leather ankle boots is ideal. The harsh colours of the shoes soften the lilacs, with heels the perfect way to add a hint of cool to an otherwise girlie ensemble.

When it comes to channelling a girlie vibe, nothing says it quite like the colour pink. The shade was all over the catwalk shows in 2013 and is set to be a huge trend this summer. Whilst it may be the key shade to be seen in, you do not have to go too over the top with it. Try combining a mini skirt in a pink hue with a toughened up biker jacket and a plain t-shirt. The resultant style gives a nod to the girlie crowd as well as the edgier ones among us. Whatever your preferred trend, a sure fire fashion success is not far off.

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