Friday, May 17, 2013

What you need to know about Secure Cloud Services

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While organizations increasingly choose secure cloud services, many people are still in confusion whether or not to depend on remote file servers to share large files and store their confidential data. If you too are looking for concrete reasons to shift to cloud services, here are the most compelling reasons:


Space is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about file storage and file sharing. The current file storage system that you use may be sufficient, but you must also consider the future requirements of space when your demand expands.

Cloud services do not only provide ample of storage space but it also keeps your data in a separate space where it is not mixed with data of other users.


The cost of file share and storage is the total cost that you invest on the storage devices and its maintenance. Consider the future increase in the cost of storage devices. The cost however is largely connected with the security features. It is always better to invest a little more in the system that provides advanced security.

Data storage

Data should be stored in an organized fashion to make it more accessible. Cloud computing can allow your data to be stored in a very orderly manner, where the data that is frequently accessed by an organization can be stored separately and the data that is used occasionally. Moreover, you can also have full control over your data. You can control how much and what data should be made available to a particular department or which department can have the administrative control of the data. So options are literally plenty and purposeful.


Securing your data is extremely important. The data needs to be protected from natural emergencies such as flood, rain, fire and even technical breakdown. Another kind of security that data needs is the security for confidentiality and integrity.

Securing your data in the cloud data center is the responsibility of the service provider.


Maintaining a regular backup of important data is crucial for any organization. Cloud service provider would have a skilled team of IT professionals who would ensure that cloud backup is frequently maintained and also that online backup is made available to you when you need it. Cloud service providers would arrange for top class security and backup of your data that may not be possible at an internal level.









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