Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Things to Consider While Purchasing Bicycle Parts

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Over many years, bicycles were utilized for various purposes like for transporting goods, joy of riding, exercise and for many other purposes. One of the biggest advantages of bicycle is they do not need fuel. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are using this mode of transportation. If you want to enjoy your ride on a bicycle then the most important thing that you should know is the various bike parts and accessories. One of the most important bicycle parts is the frame. The frame contains two triangles which consist of a diamond frame truss.

Front triangle of a bicycle comes with four tubes-top, head, seat and down tube. The rear triangle contains a seat tube along with paired chains. On the contrary, more aerodynamic recumbent bike has a different type of frame with reclined position. Frame materials have evolved over several years. From the simple steel, there are celluloid, alloys made of aluminum and costly titanium and carbon fiber frames. The next important thing you should know is the drive train of the pedals. This is one of the most important bicycle parts because it is the speed on which speed depends. Pedals rotate cranks held by the bottom bracket that helps in transmitting power to rear wheel. Selecting the perfect gear for the biking activity can affect the efficiency of biking.

While cruising downhill, a cyclist should use high gears for maintaining speed with few pedal turns. Medium sized gears are perfect for flat surface whereas a low gear is designed for climbing uphill as it helps in reducing fatigue. A cycle also consists of various kinds of handle bars. Among them, most common is the upright handlebar which offers a comfortable position as well as a perfect grip while pedaling the cycle. On the contrary, a drop handlebar offers more breaking power to the rider during crouching position. Most of the mountain bicycles are well equipped with straight handles for the purpose of handling the wheel in a better manner.

Last but not the least saddle is another among the various bicycle parts. Commonly, this part is also known as bike seat. Selecting a right bike seat is necessary as it decides the comfort level of riding. If you are a beginner, then a cushioned bike seat is the best choice for you. People who fall under the category of race bikers should look for hard and narrow saddles. One of the exceptions on bike seat is on the recumbent bicycles.




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