Monday, May 13, 2013

The Information Required by Ethos Aviation to Help You in Getting The Best Aircraft

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For any of your aircraft needs, it is time to consider Ethos Aviation. The company works to make sure that you get cost effective program that will meet both your budget and your needs. Before you go out to buy the aircraft, you need to know your aircraft profile as well as to have a clear mind on what you need. After deciding about the aircraft you need, you have to know how many times you will also need it. The following are the benefits as well as the advantage that you will get according to the type for the ownership you need. If you get an outright ownership, you will have the full control over your aircraft. You will be the one to decide about the hangers, pilots, upgrades and maintenance programs. Having the aircraft come with many tax advantages like the depreciation of the aircraft to the zero tax. The problem is that you will be the one responsible for your fixed costs and annual utilization. The total cost every hour will increase. Here you can find best new or used jet sale our company with at an affordable cost.


The fractional ownership is one of the popular methods which are being used to get the aircraft. An organization or a person can purchase a number of shares on the aircraft and the management company will do the maintenance. The owners of the aircraft will be paying their shares on the monthly cost. The advantages of having this type of ownership is that you can get access to a modern Turbo-prop and modern jet without paying too much for it. The owners may also get their tax benefits depending on their shares.


Charter is the easy way that you can use to get the aircraft. You will only pay for your trip and it is by far the best solution especially if you need to use the aircraft occasionally. However, the problem is that sometime you may not be having the aircraft you need when you need it and if you want to position the aircraft, you may be required to pay for the empty flight legs. You will not be able to get the aircraft depreciation tax relief. Other fees that may be included in the price can add up to 25 percent of the total price and 10 percent of the tax that it is levied on the charter flights.


Therefore, after deciding about the type of the ownership that you are looking for, you can contact Ethos Aviation with the following information. You name or your company name, the phone number and the email address. You need also to consider how long you can wait for the aircraft and the financing plan you have. The Ethos Aviation will also wish to know if you need a turbo-prop or a jet and the age of the aircraft that you would prefer. You need to give also the number of the people you want to travel with so that the company can understand if you need a large, medium or a small aircraft.

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