Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rediscover The Taste Of The Season With Frozen Yoghurt Flavors

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The frozen yogurt desert is a popular summer treat and can be found in ice creams parlors and shops throughout the world in a variety of frozen yoghurt flavors. Premium frozen yoghurt is actually frozen yoghurt made with dairy products and varies slightly from ice creams as it has too much tart. Its nutritional level varies depending on the yoghurt flavors chosen. So if you are looking for a tasty and creamy frozen desert that can help cut out the calories and fat from your life then eating natural frozen yogurt flavors are best.

Though the frozen yogurt is quite similar to ice-creams but it has a slight difference in flavor and texture. It is made with fermented or cultured milk and other ingredients are added to enhance the flavor and taste. Some are produced from packaged products like frozen yogurt powder and flavors. They are doled in cans and served in ice-cream parlors. Different frozen yoghurt flavors are available but you need to know more about the flavors in order to appreciate them.

Frozen yoghurt is actually a blend of yoghurt ingredients that have been frozen to solid consistency. You can buy different frozen yoghurt flavors from fruity to savory and the popular frozen yoghurt parlors and franchise offer a variety of yoghurt flavors to satisfy your taste buds. The good thing is that some frozen yoghurt manufacturers cut down the sugar level by using artificial sweeteners to add the sweet flavor. Ice cream and frozen yogurt go through a similar process as they require a combination of water and air with the added taste of a pasteurization and homogenization. Air and water provide volume to your frozen yoghurt though frozen yoghurt is never completely frozen like ice creams but it contains ice crystal formed by water in the product.

The main ingredient in frozen yoghurt flavors is the milk fat and sweeteners as it provides a body of flavors with the added sweeteners used help to make the yogurt more tangy and sweet. Special frozen yoghurt flavors are used to make special deserts as there is no limit to the kind of flavors you get to choose. You can also buy frozen yoghurt powder and add your favorite flavor to make your very own frozen desert. The good thing is that you can even request the ice cream parlors to serve a mixture of flavors to make your frozen desert taste great and unique.

There are many processes involved in making frozen yoghurt but when you to make it at home you can use frozen yoghurt powder and flavors to give it its original taste. The friendly bacterium found in yoghurt is what really adds taste and flavor to frozen yoghurt. The most common frozen yoghurt flavors include vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors. There are also some creamy deserts flavors like gingerbread and cheesecake. And so people who are in love with frozen yoghurt are always ready to mix and blend frozen yoghurt powder looking for the right flavor.

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