Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to protect your privacy while playing g9g

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If you want to play free games, you can try g9g. The games can be played online and they target young people. The game descriptions are found in Arabic and after playing a certain game, you can rate it and it will start to appear on the leather board.  The g9g games are found in many categories and the visitor can play any game he wants. The games may be browsed so that you can reach the game that you like. You can also browse according to the categories and the most popular categories are arcade games, action games, fighting game, car games and shooting games. You can find the information about the game in both the English and Arabic.

When you want to get more information about the g9g, or if you need to get your questions answered, then you should try to contact the game developer with the provided email. When you play, you have to make sure that your privacy is important. The company is clear about the information that they will require from you and how such information will be used.

The company will use the log files on your server which will capture different information such as the internet service provider, browser type, and internet protocol. They will also take the clicks number in order to analyse the trends, the date and time stamps and platform type. The company also can track the people who play the game by gathering the demographic information as well as the user movements.  However, this information is not linked to the personal information of the user.

The g9g games website uses the web beacons and the cookies to keep track on what visitors like and the information on what the user like. This is to help in customizing the information according to what the visitor may like.

The third part company that deals with the ad servers, links or advertisement can link with the information you send while playing. These third party websites will receive the IP at once whenever you are playing. Other technology like web beacons, JavaScript and cookies may be used to know the effectiveness of the advertisements so that they can personalize their advertisements.

The g9g does not have the control of how the cookies are set as far as the permission has been given to the company to advertise on the website. If you have any problem with these companies, you need to consult the privacy policies of such companies to know more on what to expect from them. You have to know that the g9g cannot control or will not be responsible of the information shared on the website. However, if you do not want to send such information, you can disable the cookies on your browser. However, the g9g games website will not require you to enter some information such as telephone number, email address, address or name. They will only get information about what you do when you are online so that they can develop the services and goods that may interest you.

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