Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get an Active Look with iPhone Bulbs

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An iPhone light control strip which is sealed to IP65 offers resistance to both dust and water. The high quality design combining reliability and brightness is made to last for several years. By utilizing a perfect controller, single colored iPhone light control strips can be turned dim according to the setting. Colour changing light bulb iPhone strip offer you with an option of sixteen colors and at the same time also permit fading and strobing effects which is perfect for parties. It comes with 3M self-adhesive backing that gets stuck in a direct manner to clean surfaces. There are many iPhone light control kits available in 500 mm or one, two, three, five and ten meter length including the power supply and connecting cables.

Offering plug and play installation, no special devices are needed. iPhone light bulb strip can be easily controlled with the help of a switch or by an iPhone or PC. Each of the iPhone bulb strips is packed individually and they offer total support and assist in wiring. There are certain things that should be kept in mind while using an iPhone bulb. The most important thing that needs to be done is choose your iPhone bulb strip according to your choice. While choosing a strip, see which color do you prefer, brightness along with the length of the iPhone bulb. Secondly, after you have chosen a light strip, choose power supply. Select between a plug or a hard wired power supply. If you have a long distance to cover like for example ten meters then you need to use a hard wired power supply.

Next important task is to choose a controller. Most single color iPhone bulb strips would not need any type of controllers as they will work in the form of a standard switch. Color changing light bulb iPhone strip will need a controller, with the infra-red being most popular option. One will find various kinds of advanced controllers. The next task that you need to do is choose any special order item. You need to look for a company that provides wide range of accessories like L shape accessories, cable lengths and several other kinds of bespoke accessories that might be needed for installing iPhone light bulb.

iPhone light bulb strip are also used for commercial purposes since many years but recently it has become too costly as well as complicated for domestic purpose. Color changing light bulb iPhone strip can also be used for Christmas decorating purpose.

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