Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Enjoy A Haunted Hayride In PA

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In the state of Pennsylvania, there are plenty of sites that claim to be haunted. Cities such as Hershey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and even Lancaster all claim to have buildings and graveyards that are teeming with spirits. Another great thing about Pennsylvania is that it is a place where the leaves change color in autumn and the Halloween season has that cold snap in the air. A haunted hayride in PA could be the ideal way for you and your family to enjoy the Halloween season. You can check out the haunted hayride PA specials on the Internet.

Several of the older cities in Pennsylvania, such as Philadelphia, have a haunted hayride PA offering as well as a haunted tour of the city. You and the kids can enjoy a haunted hayride in PA and then embark on a historical tour that will excite you as well as entertain you. There is a lot of history in Philadelphia and some tour companies claim that parts of that history still walk the streets and can be seen only in the right kind of light.

A haunted hayride in PA near Lancaster offers the perspective of the Amish buildings against the backdrop of the modern city. These can be some of the most interesting haunted hayride PA tours because of the stories that the tour organizers have to tell. There is plenty of history in Lancaster that would lead to the possibility that some of the original residents decided to stick around for a while. If you find the right tour, then you can see them.

The small towns around the Pittsburgh area also offer a haunted hayride in PA experience that you and the family will enjoy. When you look for a haunted hayride PA tour around Pittsburgh, be sure that you choose the ones that are closest to the old steel plants in the area. Some of the best ghost stories in all of Pennsylvania have their origins near those old steel mills.

Because Pennsylvania is one of the original states in the union, it has a lot of history. There are so many ghost stories throughout the state that it would take more than just one Halloween to hear them all. But if you are in the mood for an ideal haunted hayride under the stars and wrapped up by the cold October air, then the state of Pennsylvania is the ideal place for you and your family to go.

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