Thursday, May 9, 2013

Advantages Of Radiant Heating

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There are a wide variety of home heating options available today, and at least twice as many advantages and disadvantages associated with each type. Radiant heating is gaining popularity due to a number of advantages, but it has innate disadvantages, as well.

For those looking to explore radiant heat ceiling heat and flooring heat are the two radiant heating options that are available. One of these has a clear heating advantage, but the other has a clear price advantage, particularly when the homeowner wants to change how an existing home is heated with a minimum of interference and dollars spent. Radiant floor heating makes more sense, because heat rises. Any heat put off by the system will slowly rise, warming the floor first and then the rest of the room. In the case of ceiling heat, the heat may stay closer to the ceiling making an additional source of air circulation necessary. However, in terms of installing radiant heating ceiling has the clear advantage over flooring. There is no need to rip up anything or replace anything. Even when there is existing ductwork, radiant heat ceiling systems can be installed with a minimum of fuss by almost anyone. When comparing both, it is obvious that there is no need for additional heating cost on top of the heat provided by ceiling heat, whereas with heated floors there is still a need for more heating.

Homeowners who are looking at the options will find that radiant heat ceiling systems require almost no maintenance. Once the radiant heating elements are installed, there is no ductwork, or anything else that require laying. These long-lasting systems are not affected by adverse weather or other factors that are problematic for other types of heating systems. However, it is important to note that this type of system must be installed so that the joists in the ceiling support the heating coils. Failing to do so will result in sagging as the drywall struggles to support the weight of the coils.

Radiant heat ceiling and flooring systems both offer a multitude of advantages for those looking for ways to economically heat their homes. Heated tile floors are a beautiful option for those who desire the warmest floors possible, but ceiling heat is usually the more affordable option, both during initial installation, while maintaining, and for month-to-month costs. Make sure to weigh the options carefully prior to making a purchasing decision.

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