Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why You Need To Protect Your Internet Identity While Traveling

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Today now more than ever people are traveling longer and further than ever before. Coincidentally, the rise of free internet cafe's or small paid internet terminals have popped up everywhere in big cities like Manhattan to small villages in Southeast Asia. But, with the rise of internet availability, so comes the rise of hackers and identity thefts.

This is what most people really need to be wary about when traveling. In the not so distant past, only high paid executives from Fortune 500 companies or government officials carried laptops with them on business. Now, it is practically uncommon not to travel with some sort of device that can connect to a wireless network. From tablets like iPads to laptops and netbooks to smartphones, now everyone can be connected.

And this is exactly what identity hackers are hoping for. If you are a freelancer and travelling off on a month in Southeast Asia, then you will absolutely have your laptop with you and more likely than not populate a variety of cafes throughout your trip. And while using these cafes are wonderful for the convenience of it all, they also can pose a threat.

More often than not, these wireless networks are not very secure, and can easily be hacked into. So, if you are signed in, it doesn't take too much effort for a skilled hacker to latch onto your network IP and then get into your system, exposing your passwords, banking information, everything. You absolutely do not want this to happen while you're away from home.

But, there are ways that you can protect yourself and your IP. Using a free SSL Proxy Server will enable you to employ data encryption. This means that you will be able to browse the internet without having to fear that your information and IP network is able to be hacked into from an unprotected network. Travelers are very smart to find and use sites that offer these free SSL Proxy Servers if nothing more than for some added piece of mind.

Another issue that can hamper travelers is when they spend time in countries that have heavy internet restrictions. Countries like China block many of the typical websites that you would be able to access easily when in places like the United States. Now for some people, this can be just an inconvenience, but for others, having these sites blocked can really hamper business.

In order to be able to get around these sites that are being blocked, you can use an SSL Unblock Site. These sites will be able to get around any sort of censorship blocking programs, while at the same time they will still be able to protect your identity via encryption services. This way, you will be able to get back to business as usual without having to worry about your identity being hacked.

So, now you can see just how important it is to make sure you are taking the steps to protect your identity while browsing the internet outside of your home.

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