Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to Make a Painting Become Worthy with Picture Lights?

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A picture light is available in different varieties and you need to select one that serves your purpose. If you have a painting to hang and have no clue as to where to start, you can see an option in the different kinds of lights that are meant for paintings. If you light your artwork appropriately, outline the style and kind of light which is ideal for different kinds of art. Light affects different kinds of art in various ways and each of the aspects of the art should be appropriately lit. If you have an oil painting, you can make use of spectral lights which are created once there is intense light that is directed towards the painting.

This is why you need a light source which is broad based for illuminating an oil painting. Acrylic paintings are not glossy and this is why they do not suffer from glare problems that are customarily associated with oil paintings or paintings which are framed under glass. You can use any type of picture lights here. Glare and reflection are the problems that are generally associated with artworks that are placed behind glass. Try and make use of non-reflective glass and place lights appropriately to solve these issues.

If you are planning to highlight all the dimensions, you should light the piece or sculpture from different angles. For sculptures especially, you can use a single light which is fixed directly above the piece. In this case, it could ideally be recessed light. While going for a picture light, ample attention should also be paid towards how the picture is framed. If the sculpture of work of art does not have a frame, it can be illuminated with lighting that is detached from the work. For this, you may use the spotlight, recessed light, track light, or mantel light.

If the frame of the artwork is a small one, it will be unable to support a picture lighting fixture. The small frames should therefore be illuminated with a fixture that is not associated with the artwork. If the frame is a substantial one, it will be able to support the weight of the picture that is attached to it. While choosing the picture lights, you need to consider the depth and width of the frame. These lights are available in different types such as incandescent lights which create a warm color that exudes the reds and yellows.

With the right light for your picture, you can accentuate the special areas of the art work. Different areas of the painting can be highlighted appropriately once you have the right kind of light. Check out the various options that are available to get the right picture light for your painting.

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