Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zenjala Tea Company offers some of the world\'s finest varieties of tea

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Tea is a drink that has been enjoyed for thousands of years, and over time, workers have discovered the plants and techniques that produce the most aromatic and flavorful mixes. Now, Zenjala Tea Company is proud to offer many varieties of tea for customers to choose from.

Green tea is perhaps the tea closest to nature; when made, green tea is neither wilted nor oxidized, creating a refreshing taste and one of our most consistently popular products. You can Buy Green Tea Online in many different flavors, such as the delightful Gunpowder (named for the way the rolled leaves straighten during the steeping process), the Lemon Ginger Snap, and the Coconut Almond. From the simple and straightforward to the exotic and unique, Zenjala Tea Company constantly strives to create the best flavors for customers to enjoy.

White tea is similar to green tea, but the leaves have been carefully wilted to the very beginning of the fermentation process. Even this much change produces a flavor that is noticeably different from that of green tea, and our current varieties include the Bai Hao Silver Needle, the Pear Spice, and the White Rose varieties. Carefully plucking buds and leaves allows for the finest control of flavoring throughout the process of creating outstanding tea.

However, the best tea company isn't limited only to these varieties. Zenjala also offers oolong tea for customers to enjoy. Further along in the process than both white and green teas, oolong tea is wilted, bruised slightly, and partially fermented in order to create a unique flavor in each cup. Oolong tea often goes well with stronger and more robust flavors, so Zenjala has carefully worked to create blends such as the Orange Blossom, Cinnamon Apple, and Ginseng Oolong varieties.

At the far end of the fermentation is black tea, known as such for the way the leaves have darkened in the midst of the process. These leaves are sometimes crushed, sometimes not, and have had their wilting process stopped at just the right time to create the best results. Black tea varieties include the famed Earl Grey, the Golden Monkey Superior, the Pomegranate Peach Passion, and even a Chocolate Raspberry variety for those who enjoy mixing their delights.

For times when appearance truly matters, Zenjala offers a special selection of flowering teas. Unlike traditional variants, flowering tea is meant to be seen as much as consumed, so in most cases, it is served in a glass container of some kind. Through the use of careful binding techniques, the ingredients in this particular tea will slowly unfurl and create a beautiful display within the tea container, after which the tea can be enjoyed directly. Zenjala is happy to offer glass mugs and kettles as part of a package deal along with the tea itself for customers who would like to give the flowering tea as a gift to friends or family.

Whatever flavors of tea you might enjoy, Zenjala Tea Company is committed to providing the highest quality in each and every glass you brew. Zenjala Tea Company charges a flat rate for shipping, no matter how large the order.

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