Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sending Large Files - Communication Now Convenient and a Cinch

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Communication amongst groups, colleagues, and people is a core necessity. This can be via telecommunication, mails, personal chat, and web based solutions and so on. Communication amongst groups may involve multiple levels. Imagine a situation where a group of two or more wants to communicate and has large files or data to be shared amongst each other. The scenario about a decade ago would not have had instant solutions leaving groups and individuals with restricted communication options. Companies could not provide a two-way approach for their teams and this was primarily because of restricted options of sharing big data files. Large files are primarily required to be exchanged in almost any and all kinds of sectors; IT, Media, Real Estate, FMCG, Auto and so on. Project management is one of the biggest roles that need to exchange large and heavy files amongst users. The only option in the earlier days was to physically transport such large and heavy files. This is primarily required to share projects and get a two-way feedback.

To break this communication barrier, we were introduced to various large file transfer alternatives. These easy to operate, user friendly, no or minimal cost applications gave a huge turn around to the communication chain. These alternatives have their own merits and demerits. One can adapt to a particular solution post understanding the exact requirement. This can be a secured as well as open platform. This not only allows internal clients to be on the common platform but also allows external clients to get instant response; thereby allowing instant feedback. Information Technology enables this service for various functions and secures potential harms caused by virus and malware transmission.

Now, with these big file transfer opportunities, productivity levels of individuals and groups have positively benefitted. One does not need to think about how the data would be transferred. Two groups or users can be on the same platform with their respective opinions with an access to large or small data. A media company can just transfer mpeg file of large size to the client and get instant reaction. A project management firm can share large files with their overseas customers and get feedback. An individual can transfer a personal movie or music file and share it with friends in real time. This new world of communication with no hindrances, roadblocks, and interferences, is now possible due to the tremendous growth in the large file send industry.

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