Thursday, March 21, 2013

Salon secrets - we give you the tips you need!

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When it comes to getting the most out of your hair and working towards that fabulous look that you've always dreamed of, a few inside secrets from the UK's leading salons will go a long way toward helping you realise that dream. One of the most popular current trends in hair fashion is that of the hair extension. Hair extensions are everywhere, on every celebrity, in every salon and high street shop, and show little sign of going away any time soon. But these hair solutions can look cheap and nasty or give you the hair you have always wanted, with our tips make sure that you only experience the latter.

Many fashionable hairstyles can involve all manner of hair curling, straightening, highlighting or other procedures which can damage the natural health and shine of your hair, especially where chemicals and heat are involved. Many salons recommend using natural human hair extensions instead of doing all this damage trying to re-work your own hair. When properly applied and clipped-in, hair extensions give an amazing look of greater volume, length and hair vitality without doing any damage to your existing hair. What's more, with high quality clip in hair extensions getting the dream look could hardly be simpler, just clip in your new hair when you want it and there you are!

However, you must be careful about the quality of hair extensions that you purchase. Many of the clip in hair extensions sold in the high street chains are, at worst, using synthetic hair whilst the ones that use human hair are using low quality hair which has been chemically stripped and treated, making it far less durable and giving it a much more unnatural look. For the best looking hair extensions, the best quality human hair is needed. This is usually found only in the best hair extension salons as they can source the finest quality hair, often Russian and European 'virgin' hair (which means 'untreated' in this sense) and use this in their natural looking clip in hair extensions.

But you too can begin to tap into some of the salon stylists secrets. Many hair extensions salons offer 'virtual salons' on their website or through apps downloadable on to your smartphone, these programs give you, the customer, a great insight into the ways the professionals use to make hair extensions work for your face, your hair and your demands so that you can begin to style your hair into the look that you have always wanted. Whether it be deciding on what thickness of hair extension to go for, or where to insert it, or how best to blend it into your natural hair, the hair extension experts know how to do this best for your hair and your look.

So if you are looking to transform your hair into the lusciously long mane that you've always wanted, using a few of these tips from the best clip in and micro ring hair extension salons are sure to set you and your hair on the right path. Using hair extensions is one of the easiest and most effective options out there when it comes to revamping your hair, with lots of different options and style available, you are bound to find the stylish extensions which give your hair the new, fashionable look that you crave for.

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