Friday, March 15, 2013

Pub finder Apps and their Ideal Design

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Many beer apps as well as pub finder apps can be found in Android and iOS platforms. But the patterns and concepts of their design are based on the ideal game-changer apps which boast of a few distinct features.

Many ales and stouts are included in the list of beers found in beer apps which guide beer lovers to relevant beer tap locations as well as pubs. The pub finder usually tracks the best pubs at a location with the help of GPS connectivity. The beer tap locations especially the nearest pub can be searched out in a matter of seconds and some of the apps are smart enough to track down the illegal ones too! For those looking out for quality beer and a good quality pub for a pint of beer should look for the best apps in the market, depending on your mobile platform. There are apps which have a comprehensive directory of beer info including the alcohol content in the beer pints.

Some pub finder apps are designed to locate pubs and beer bars for beer lovers who want information when they arrive in a new city or a state. The pub finder applications are usually able to detect the current location and then draw upon a list of nearby pubs from their database. Many such apps help users to post comprehensive reviews of the pubs while there is also a filter which can help one glean through diverse number of beer pubs including wine bars and sports bars.

Results are displayed with the help of Google maps with pins annotating at the nearest pubs. Details can be fetched relevant to those pubs easily.

Fans of the Irish beer have pub finder apps which can find beer and its pubs in the US. These apps also recommend good beer based on user ratings along with a detailed overview about its ingredients and taste.

Find the right brewery, as well as pubs is difficult if you have to search them all by yourself. It is good to rate and review the beers and stouts so that they can be helpful for other users too. The best beer close to the current location can be tracked down through GPS. Most apps are easy to use and free. It helps in creating awareness about the type of pint of beer.

Many beer lovers are also interested in creating home-made brew, and several apps can train you to make beer. Pub finder apps do not rely on home brewing but can provide directions to where you can be trained to create brews. Some pre-installed recipes can help you through the process while also helping you to regulate alcohol content simultaneously.

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