Thursday, March 7, 2013

How To Create Your Own Wedding Favours

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As anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows, it can get real expensive, really fast. Each special little detail can add up fast when you multiply it by the number of guests that will be attending or by the size of the venue that will be decorated. When thinking about what will make a lovely wedding favour or place setting accent, bulk candy such as after dinner mints or other suitable treat can be purchased and put into any theme based package that will tie into the rest of the decorations. With a little imagination and some good supply sources, it's possible to create a unique wedding favour on a budget.

Rather than using the old standby wedding favour of after dinner mints wrapped in tulle with a coordinated ribbon, think about what interests the bride and groom share that can be tied into the decorations or even the table centerpieces. If the bride or groom is marine biologist for instance, darling little mini aquariums can be made up suing bulk candy such as Swedish fish and gummy worms placed in inexpensive florists rose bowls. They can be accented with coordinated colored stones or other aquarium themed items for unique favours that won't be found anywhere else.

A wedding favour does not have to be limited to a neat little package that will be placed at every table setting, if you think a little outside of the box, you can come up with some great ideas that are simple yet elegant. Just remember to buy bulk candy if you use it and any other items that you can get wholesale will help keep the final cost down. Look to florist supply houses and other such sources for what you need. If such a company only sells to businesses and not the public, work with a local business that would be willing to order things for you and sell them to you with a small or no markup.

Bulk candy can be bought from different sources and can be customized to fit into a particular theme or to suit the tastes of the bride and groom. However they are worked into a wedding favour is only limited by the imagination of the decorator. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make memorable keepsakes to grace the reception hall for any wedding and it can be done in any style from the most formal affair to a relaxed, casual family event.

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