Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discover the hidden beauty of Fiji Islands!

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Fiji is must visit place for the people wanting to go for a vacation with or without the family. It has surpassing beauty which enchants the tourist to visit again and again to these islands surrounded by blue watered seas. The tourists from all over the world are going there to see the various natural sceneries of the islands. The island has been given a special touch by the supreme god and human to make it a perfect holiday destination for the tourists. The island was beautified under the leadership of sir Louis Gerard Saliot and he is considered the pioneer of the country’s tourism industry.

It is an archipelago of 332 islands and out of which only few are habitable. But the rest are a store house of special scenery for the tourists. It is situated in the south pacific regions but it has well connected air transport as the Air Pacific is operating at regular interval from the nearby regions. After arriving there the people can enjoy in the beaches which are covered with sand and it is ideal for the people to have sunbath under the clear sky. The nearby areas of the islands are filled with sea creatures and these are ideal for the people wanting to see the sea creatures. The soft coral which form beautiful reefs under the sea can be seen from the boat or diving in the bed with oxygen. There are numerous inhabitable island which are must do thing for the visitor to explore it. These can be visited by various boat services operating specially for the people visiting there and it is called island hopping. The sight of the various creatures while going for the hopping will charmed you and you will definitely cherish it forever. The rivers are ideal for the adventurous white water rafting which is surrounded by the natural vegetation perfect for the natural lover. There are different garden and national parks having varieties of floras with different shapes and hues. Fiji travels a perfect place for the adventure and nature lovers.

The country is filled with lot of things for relaxation for the tired of the daily work in the office and for the people looking for rejuvenation. There are spas serving traditional massages with special oil used to give a soothing to your body which is perfect to ease your tension. The ferry service to the blue lagoon is special for the newlywed couple for romantic moments. Walking and sitting by the seashore are ideal to spend some time to give relaxation to your mind by watching the aurora and setting sun. It is further made special with the blowing of gentle breeze to keep calm. The restaurant having Chinese cuisines will help to keep your stomach full especially if you are non vegetarian. There are splendid hotels with suitable arrangement to help you sleep snoring after a day of adventures.  At the end of the holiday, people thanks Gerard Saliot for making this island more beautiful than one thought in the dream. There are many things which are not described here so find out by visiting there.

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