Monday, February 25, 2013

Vendor Verification for Secure Free File Share

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With ever increasing computing and data sharing, there are more chances that your data faces thefts irrespective of the location where you save it. The recent competitor in the milieu of free file share is cloud, but it is not risk free. The best way to achieve secure cloud services is to stay informed and aware about its proper usage and most importantly selecting the right vendor.

To verify a vendor to be suitable and safe for your data, you do not need to learn a new technical lingo or be a sophisticated computer expert. All you need is to check their credibility and ask some questions to verify that they have a good and tested plan of action to secure your data and identity. Remember, an untried precaution is equivalent to no precaution at all!

Question Your Vendor

Questioning your vendor to ensure they meet your requirement can be the best idea to verify and to be cautious about your data security. The following are the questions that you can ask your vendor to avail stress free file share and secure cloud services:

Question 1: How and where is your data stored?

This is extremely crucial to know. If you avail free file share, it is necessary for you to know how your vendor manages to retrieve the data in case of any disaster or if the data centre catches fire. Also make sure that your vendor has a plan for system availability during any unfortunate events.

Question 2: What plans are executed for data backup and recovery?

If your vendor has strong backup plan that is implemented regularly and timely, you can recover your data in case it is lost due to any event. Make sure that they have a tested data recovery plan as they may have huge data of multiple corporate users. Verify sturdy data maintenance and recovery plan.

Question 3: What are the plans to secure unwanted access?

It is very important to safeguard your data from external and internal intrusion. Powerful intrusion protection measures are mandatory. They should have identified personal employees and controlled access of data even among employees of the same organization.

Question 4: How protected is the portable data?

While availing file share on the go, make sure that your vendor uses encrypted codes. This could easily be verified by the online browser through HTTP URL and security icon on the address bar.

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