Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Dream Bathroom Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

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When the time comes to re-design a bathroom, many people will focus heavily on the all-important shower or bath units. Of course this makes sense as they will very often form the centre piece to any successful bathroom design. The danger is that too much emphasis will be placed on these larger items and not enough time or money will be spent on the finishing touches.

The reality is that without spending a fortune you can transform the humble bathroom into a spectacular room. This can often be achieved through the clever use of lighting, adding a smattering of bathroom furniture or selecting from suitableshower doors when installing a new shower unit.

Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture tends to be the easiest way to reach the desired result. Even when you buy a complete bathroom suite there will be a good chance that you can still fit in some other free standing bathroom furniture.

White gloss bathroom furniture will help to ensure a neat, clean finish. Freestanding units that can house towels and cleaning materials can be used to help keep things nice and tidy.

Coordinating Colours

It is worth remembering that you donÂ't always have to go for matching colours. This is good news when it comes to updating one or two items as it can be difficult to find an exact colour. Not to mention that one single colour can be somewhat overwhelming. Most people find that by carefully coordinating different colours they can produce a really nice theme.

The only hard and fast rule here applies when using metal finishes. These are much better when they match. An example of this could be using brass accessories next to steel accessories. This will probably look a little strange and detract from the overall quality of your bathroom.

Warm Lighting

Lighting plays its own important role in the success of a bathroom. If it is too strong it will give a clinical type appearance; similar perhaps to a dentist or doctors surgery. When the lighting is too dim it will give an almost oppressive feel to things. The trick of course is to try to get the right balance.

Halogen lighting can often achieve these results. WhatÂ's more this type of lighting can often be adjusted to suit your requirements. Getting ready for work in the morning might well require a brighter light, whilst a de-stressing soak will work better with a softer light setting.

Shiny Finish

Another trick is to find materials that are easy to keep clean. Towel holders and faucets that are finished in chrome tend to make for the easiest in this area. There is a real danger that you could easily become a slave to your bathroom, having to spend vast amounts of time and energy keeping it looking great. Much better to find objects that can be wiped clean and brought back to a shiny finish with just a simple wipe of a cloth.

Upgrading your bathroom doesnÂ't have to cost a fortune especially with the online specialists available these days. By buying easy to clean shower doors and coordinating paint colours you can turn your space into the bathroom youÂ've always dreamed of.

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