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Pixie Hollow Review - Is This Tale Featured Virtual World is Worth your Daughter Time & Attention?Featured

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Pixie Hollow Fairy theme of the virtual world, Disney Interactive. It's a virtual world / game gets its name from the Tinker Bell, the main character in the Disney Fairies franchise home. While it does not offer a lot of boys, the game is a virtual paradise for young girls, because it is full of fairies, magic, jewelry, vibrant clothes, etc. While the game borrows many of the basic ideas of "Club Penguin" - another Disney company - Pixie Hollow raises the bar to another level altogether.

Given the popularity and stature of Disney kind of exercise, it could have possibly done well to create an average game and slapping the Disney banner on it. However, Pixie Hollow is a wonderfully invented the game, both technically and topics. With its flower, angelic parameters and the same tale as an audio track, it forces your players to fall in love with him.

Right at the beginning, the kids get to customize your own tales. They have a ton of options to choose from, your fairy faces, hair or jewelry. When they start the game, they start to get another medal for every feat they accomplish.

These medals can then be exchanged for items such as flower shops, acorns, etc. This, however, is the only mini-games - the main dish is a delicious appetizer. These mini-games tend to be very healthy and creative, for example, trade recipes mini-game, where kids get to create fairy clothes or mini-game that lets you try out a few fairies enchanting dresses and hair styles.

Pixie Hollow core component is a quest game. Children should follow the tales of a world map that roam about the place and achieve a certain quest. Quest is closely related to the mini-games, and collect medals, and so the game unfolds from the Internet, which keeps children hooked up to it sort of.

They will return again to play this game, not only because they enjoy it immensely, but also because they are desperate to earn more medals to buy your favorite acorn or pumpkin seeds.

Since the game was created by the girls in the age group 7-14, one would expect that it will have many opportunities for social interaction. Eventually, the girls love to make friends. , However, there are only a few places in the game where fairies engaged with each other socially.

However, this activity remains informal, where fairies gather forums to talk about your fairy tales home or other issues. In fact, they even invite other parties to the fairies. But otherwise, the children befriend earn more medals friend than anything else.

The shift to the technical aspects of Disney's Pixie Hollow delivers a stunning performance. Both sound and graphics quality is great and only adds to thematic greatness of the game. The graphics are nicely done, and the tale of how the world is adorable. Space is good-looking and the movement is smooth.

The game is designed in such a way where the player always knows if he / she is nearing the end of a certain area. In addition, there are always arrows to show if there are areas left unexplored. So the game is not limited by its spatial scope, but rather provides a holistic view of an alternative world she creates.

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