Monday, February 25, 2013

Keeping a personal affair with Secure Cloud Services!

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You may feel very relaxed to toss your heavy data luggage up to the cloud with immense free file share services and unlimited space; but the other part of the story has an incessant battle against PC monitoring software, malware, key loggers and some more. The key to secure cloud services is to keep it an extremely personal affair. Following guidelines may help you to keep you stress free and your digital data safe.

Password Prodigy: In an ideal situation, you do keep passwords; but for cloud, you should have unique usernames and passwords for every site or service that you use. This way, if by chance one of the sites is cracked, your other data on different sites is still safe.

Exclusive Encryption: Encrypting your passwords and codes could be a great idea as it would scramble the codes to make it difficult to crack.

Security Question Shuffle: Select unique security question and do not supply the obvious answers that can easily be collected from internet or Facebook profile. For example, for the question Â"Name of your first school?Â" answer Â"CheeseÂ" or anything random but easy to remember.

Cope with Codes: In order to cope with numerous usernames and codes, you can make use of password management app or utility, to keep it stress free.

Authentication Arcade: There are some sites that provide double authentication. That means instead of just the password, additional authentication is required that can be available through SMS over personal and registered mobile phone.

Device Devil: If you ever use a device other than your own to share large files over cloud, it could be fatal as your information would unknowingly be saved through web browsers and applications.

Backup Baggage: This may sound silly. You may wonder why to back up the data when you have huge file share limits and space? But it is essential to keep a backup of all the digital data on cloud in a physical drive to cope with any unfortunate scenario.

Do Delete Data: You may again question this fact for unlimited storage facility, but you never know which data can become potentially hazardous in the future. Bank account messages that has outlived and other such information shall be regularly scrutinized and deleted.

Apply Antivirus: This is a very indigenous step to use quality antivirus to keep away the dangers of unwanted invasions.

Shut Sharing: For extra tight security, do not ever share your password, vendorÂ's or service names that you use. All security measures are pointless if you share them with everyone. 

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