Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is Google Maps SEO Necessary for Local Businesses?

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Advertising online for local businesses can be tricky but there are tactics to make it work. One of the most popular ways to handle this is to use Google Maps SEO. When people want to find something online, such as a bakery in Los Angeles for example, they use a search engine, not the Yellowpages like they used to. This means that the business that is ranked at the top of search engines haves a massive advantage over the competition. There is a catch though: some search engines don't display websites for local search terms, they display business listings instead.

Google is one search engine that will display business listings instead of websites at the top of the rankings for local search terms. For example, if someone searches for "Los Angeles bakery" business listings for bakeries in conjunction with Google Maps will be show. This has made it so that the new strategy for local businesses is to list their business with Google Maps in order to gain an advantage. However, Google changed the way this is done not too long ago, making things a bit more complicated for local businesses trying to advertise with them using the search engine.

Google Maps is now linked to Google+. Google+ is a social network but it also has a way to function as a business directory as well. Any local business that wants to take advantage of Google Maps SEO is going to have to create a business listing with Google+. This may sound like a hassle but it is quite simple and also very useful. The Google+ business listing gives businesses a lot of options to promote their business and link back to their website. They can also display contact info in their Google+ business listing as well, allowing potential customers to contact them directly.

Overall Google Maps search engine optimization is becoming very important for local businesses looking for a competitive advantage. Since it can be complicated, Google SEO services can be a big help. Google SEO services specialize in creating Google+ and Google Maps listings and getting them to the top of the local search results. They can also handle other SEO tasks as well, such as website optimization and more. Any business that is serious about their online marketing strategy would be wise to hire one of these expert SEO firms and let them take care of all the complicated matters regarding SEO.

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