Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Innovative Robotics in Surgery - Forget the Invasive and Unrefined methods

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Technological advancement has answers to several questions. Inception of robotics in surgery has blessed millions of patients with accurate surgical procedures along with faster relief. The Da Vinci robotic surgical system is now popular due to the highest effectiveness in its class. Expert doctors handle the robot arms through a console and perform the laparoscopic surgery. The distinct features offered by this system are

• Lesser blood loss
• Minimally invasive method
• Faster recovery
• Accurate surgical processing with precise monitoring methods
• Lesser pain and scarring
• Faster resumption of daily routine

These advantages prove to be beneficial for patients and even for the treating hospitals. They have complete control of the entire operation. The state of the art system transfers the movement of SurgeonÂ's hands and fingers into the robot arm in real time. The 3D projection of the inside of the patientÂ's body is visible in the console window, and Surgeons can decide over the surgical process. This is good news for patients who fret about surgical incisions. Da Vinci robotic surgery is now preferred by thousands of patients over to the regular surgical process.

Bleeding in Urine is alarming - Wake up before itÂ's too late!

Some diseases are silent till they sore to be the worst nightmare. Bladder cancer is such a disease, where acute symptoms are visible only during the advancement of cancer. Unfortunately, at this stage the cancer is not curable, at the most with proper care and treatment it can be controlled from growing into further complications. Some signs you need to watch:

• Hematuria – In this case, blood is found in urine. In earlier stages of bladder cancer, the blood occurrence can be identified only by laboratory tests. However, in advanced stages, red colored urine with blood clots is observed.
• Burning sensation- This is one of the prominent symptoms of bladder cancer. However, this symptom is also found in urinary tract infections.
• Painful urination – When patients complain about painful urination, there are high chances of positive bladder cancer. However, pathological tests can diagnose the exact cause of painful urination.
• Change in pattern – The normal urination pattern is disturbed and people complain of sudden urge for urination without much urination.

All these symptoms together are indicative that the person may be a candidate of bladder cancer. However, it is not compulsory that the occurrence of these symptoms is confirmation of cancer. Consultation from expert doctors and pathological reports offer the exact diagnosis of bladder cancer.

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