Friday, February 15, 2013

How to Give Your Boyfriend a Makeover

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There is a golden rule in dating that states you should never try and change a person. The reason for this is simple - in most cases your efforts will be a waste of time. For example, if you start a relationship with a lying, two-timing cheater no amount of hard work on your part will ever turn him into a nice, kind, and thoughtful man with your best interests at heart. So is the relationship doomed?

Exceptions to the Â'ChangeÂ' Rule

Whilst you canÂ't change a manÂ's personality and sense of values, you can change the way he looks and dresses; which if he has zero sense of fashion and regularly shops in Oxfam, is not a bad thing. After all, if you have any intentions of continuing the relationship, at some point you are going to have to vacate the bedroom and be seen in public with him!

Boyfriend Makeover Suggestions

They say clothes make the man and this is very true. A dodgy outfit can easily turn a good looking bloke into a laughing stock, whereas Mr Average can be transformed into Mr Sexy if you encourage him to wear a great outfit accessorised with a few key items.

Will a Sexy Pair of MenÂ's Reading Glasses Help?

If you are dating a nice, intelligent and sensitive type of guy you probably donÂ't need my advice so congratulations on finding the perfect man - I salute you! However, if you are dating a typical Â'blokeÂ', then a style makeover will be long overdue. To this end, you should find that one key fashion accessory will make a world of difference, and a pair of non prescription reading glasses can do wonders for a manÂ's appearance!

MenÂ's Reading Glasses

A pair of stylish men s reading glasses will transform the most Neanderthal of males into a Â'new manÂ', so even if he has perfect 20:20 vision, encourage him to start wearing a pair. And if you see him squinting over the latest copy of FHM, commence a programme of subliminal persuasion by talking about menÂ's reading glasses every hour.

My Man is Resistant to the Idea of Wearing Glasses

Some men view poor eyesight as a weakness, which is of course ridiculous. But fear not because there are ways and means of persuading your man that wearing a pair of vintage reading glasses is actually a sign to available women that he is of good breeding stock. Basically all you need to do is tell him that natural selection favours intelligent males who can provide for their females, so even though you would kill him if he strayed, he can bask in the extra female attention afforded by wearing a sexy pair of glasses.

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