Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FourReasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Commercial Dishwasher

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The vast majority of people are aware just what a dishwasher is and what it can do. A good proportion of individuals will use one in their daily routines. However, many individuals donÂ't realise that there is a massive difference between commercial dishwashers are their domestic counterparts.

When the two types of dishwashers are compared it is very easy to see just why the commercial washers get the thumbs up form most restaurants, hotels and catering businesses. If you run any type of these organisations then you might want to consider the key benefits that using this type of washer will bring.

Speed is of the Essence

The single biggest reason for anyone to splash out on a commercial unit is that they are very fast. The majority of domestic machines will take anywhere up to an hour to complete their cleaning task. However, commercial dishwashers go about their business in a fraction of the time. It is not unrealistic to expect a full load to be completely cleaned in less than 20 minutes.

Most busy restaurateurs will be only too familiar with the importance of time. Being able to have plates, glasses and cutlery cleaned and ready to use again in just a matter of minutes is likely to be of benefit to most if not all caterers.

Clean First Time

Not only do commercial dishwashers cut down dramatically on time, they also get their items cleaned properly the first time of asking. The chances are, if you own a dishwasher at home you will have noticed that from time to time there is residue left on plates or utensils. Because of the superior wash cycles of the commercial unites, this is very likely to be a thing of the past.

The last thing that any customers wish to see when dining out is the remnants of other food on their plates or cutlery. Even if the customer doesnÂ't complain at the time, they will surely be less likely to want to return in the future.

A Variety of Tasks

There are different types of commercial washers. This allows them to cope better with individual tasks. For instance a bar might well be perfectly fine by using a glass washer unit, where as a large kitchen might be better suited to either a pot washer or a pass-through unit. By choosing the unit that suits your purpose you can be sure of getting improved cleaning results.

Killing Bacteria

Because commercial washers use higher temperatures to clean items, they are also much better at killing bacteria. Bacteria in kitchens and restaurants represent very bad news. Health and safety rules are constantly tightening up; however, by investing in a commercial unit you will have much less to worry about.

Busy restaurants and kitchens can save large amounts of time by using commercial dishwashers and there are specialist and trusted catering equipment suppliers online that can also provide invaluable advice.

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