Thursday, February 21, 2013

Automate FTP Transfers Instead and Save Plenty of Time

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For many people such as Web developers or content management personnel, working with files and folders stored on a remote FTP server is normally something that takes up a considerable amount of their daily routine. People in such a situation know all too well just how inefficient and frustrating it is to use a traditional FTP client for large amounts of uploading and downloading. While the regular FTP client is fine for the occasional bit of file browsing, it is completely impractical for larger amounts of work, particularly when files need to be updated or synchronized between the local computer and the remote server. What you probably didn't realize, however, is that, using FTPGetter 3 Professional , it is possible to automate FTP transfers and take almost all of the work off your hands. It can automatically check for updated files and keep them synchronized and current at all times. The amount of time that this will save those who have to work regularly with FTP servers is simply enormous! Anyone who relies on FTP data exchange even just a little bit will find FTPGetter 3 Professional to be extremely useful and time saving. People such as IT administrators, website owners, database technicians or anyone else who often works with FTP servers will find this software to automate FTP transfers invaluable. Not only does it save a great deal of time; it also helps to negate the risk of human error. When manually updating and transferring files between the local computer and the FTP server, there's a good chance of getting something wrong, particularly when you have a large number of files to work with. The standard FTP client quickly becomes an extremely impractical solution which simply cannot keep up with the huge work load that many people have to deal with. If you have a multiple FTP servers each containing lots of folders and files, then the complications increase exponentially. It would take a dozen employees to do what FTPGetter 3 Professional can do unattended and as quickly as your Internet connection will allow. If you are not entirely convinced that the best solution is to automate FTP transfers, then consider the process that you need to go through just to carry out the simplest of operations. First you need to log into your FTP server through the client, then you need to manually search through the folders while downloading or uploading one file at a time. With large amounts of data involved, this standard method becomes impossible in practical terms. Thankfully, FTPGetter 3 Professional allows you to completely do away with these annoyances and slowdowns. FTPGetter 3 Professional requires no special knowledge to use thanks to its intuitive interface and clearly designed features. It will not be necessary to retrain your staff to use the software, since the learning curve is minimal. Once you have set up your tasks in the task scheduler, no further interaction is required. For example, you can configure the software to check your FTP server for new file creations or changes once per hour and synchronize them with the local computer as necessary. The possibilities are endless with this powerful time-saving solution.

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