Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Putting a Fire On

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When it is cold outside we need to keep our homes warm and this requires fuel. We need to be able to burn something to make our homes warm and over the years we have used many different types of fuel to power different types of heating systems such as open fires and oil heating burners. Some of these fuels have become common place in cultures across the world and are still used to this day. There are four main types of fuel that you can expect to find in homes anywhere on the planet.


The right type of wood burns fairly easily and burns for a long time making it ideal for heating the home. Wood is also abundant all over the planet so it is used in cultures everywhere in homes that are simple huts to grand castles. Although many households have turned to more modern fuel sources wood is still used, especially in remote areas where infrastructure is lacking. Another popular fuel source that derives from wood is charcoal, which is still used in houses worldwide.


Taken from the beneath ground before it can turn into diamonds, coal is another fuel source found all over the world. There was a time when coal was the dominant source of fuel in towns and cities but its polluting properties meant that it was always likely to be replaced once a cleaner alternative came along. For many people though a roaring coal fire cannot be beaten and in some homes that still have operational chimneys there is nothing quite like an open coal fire to heat the home.


Another fossil fuel used to heat our homes is domestic heating oil sometimes called boiler juice and this oil can come in a number of forms. The type of oil you use is likely to depend on the nature of your home and the heating system that is installed in it. Oil can be a very cost effective solution to heating the home and is among the most common fuel sources in the modern world. You can buy heating oil to be delivered to your home where it is then plugged into the heating system and can provide heat for the home and hot water.


Gas is another entirely natural fuel source and is piped to countless homes where it is freely accessed as and when needed. Having ready access to a fuel source that is piped directly to the home has its obvious advantages and such convenience means that gas is perhaps the most popular fuel for heating the home where the infrastructure is available.

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